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What is GPbook?

GPbook is the most relied upon source of information for referrals to medical specialists in WA and has been published for over 25 years. Our directories are used by over 2000 GPs in WA on a daily basis. This year we’re opening up to psychologists. It will help doctors to find the right psychologist for their patient. We print both a paper copy of the directory that’s distributed to GP practices and an online directory.


Print Copy

Your listing will be presented in a professional layout made so that clinicians can easily access the information they’re looking for. The look and feel of the directory will be the same as that of our trusted specialist directory. It gives doctors the information they need in a clean and tidy format so that they can easily make a referral.

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Online Directory

We will feature your online profile alongside medical specialists in the online directory. The online portal allows doctors to quickly and search through our database to find the right person to refer to.

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Benefits of Listing

Listing your profile with GPbook will open up great opportunities.

  • Promote yourself and get more exposure to GPs and patients in WA.
  • Let doctors know what your skills and clinical interests are.
  • Stop getting inappropriate referrals.
  • Get more patients with problems in your area of expertise.

Boost Your Profile With Video

Make it personal.


Placing a video in your online profile will help doctors and patients get to know you. It helps to build trust and improve your relationship with your clients. Boosting your profile with a video is an included feature with all our psychology listings.