Psychology and Mental Health

Referral Directory 2020

GPbook is the most relied upon source of information for referrals to medical specialists in WA and has been published for over 25 years. Our directories are used by over 2000 GPs in WA on a daily basis. Last year, we created the first edition for psychologists and mental health practitioners. It will help doctors to find the right psychologist or mental health clinician for their patient. We print both a paper copy of the directory that’s distributed to GP practices and provide an online directory. These directories are provided to GPs and psychiatrists for free.

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Ensure You Have a Listing

Are you working in Mental Health? Apply to be listed in our online and physical directory which gets printed early with a list of Psychologists and Mental Health Practitioners in WA.

Listing your profile with GPbook will open up great opportunities.

  • Promote yourself and get more exposure to GPs and patients in WA.
  • Let doctors know what your skills and clinical interests are.
  • Stop getting inappropriate referrals.
  • Get more patients with problems in your area of expertise.

Access our Directory

Are you a working GP or Clinician which wishes to access the directory. We distribute a copy of our directory most clinics, if you have not received yours, please contact us below for a free copy.

Your online profile will help doctors and patients get to know you. It helps to build trust and improve your relationship with your clients. Boosting your referrals with up to date profile description and images is an included feature with all our psychology listings.

Our Online Directory

We will feature your online profile alongside medical specialists in the online directory. The online portal allows doctors to quickly and search through our database to find the right person to refer to. It will include detailed information which can help Clinicians match your special interests when referring patients with their requirements.

Print Copy

Your listing will be presented in a professional layout made so that clinicians can easily access the information they’re looking for. The look and feel of the directory will be the same as that of our trusted specialist directory. It gives doctors the information they need in a clean and tidy format so that they can easily make a referral.

Example Listing

GPbook is a referral directory relied on by GPs across WA.

Each category has a sub-index of Practice Locality, Special Interests and Languages spoken. The Directory contains master indexes of Names, Special Interests and Department of Veterans Affairs accreditation.

Each category has a sub-index of Practice Locality, Special Interests and Languages spoken. The Directory contains master indexes of Names, Special Interests and Department of Veterans Affairs accreditation.

Featured on the AMA

GPbook was outlined on the Australian Medical Association (WA) website recently with acknowledgements for providing benefits in critical referral details when helping patients find the correct fit for health issues in Mental Health.

More information can be found here.

Some topics covered includes:

Why did we develop a Referral Directory for Psychology and Mental Health?

As a GP, I wanted to make sure that patients who I referred for psychotherapy were seeing someone who’d be a good fit for their health issues. A good therapeutic relationship between psychologists and their patients is particularly important to the success of their treatment and knowing more about individual psychologists would help us to make better referral decisions.

This sort of information, however, wasn’t easily accessible. Additionally, GPs I worked with also felt that they wanted to know more about psychologists in the community and the services they offered.

What particular benefits will the GPbook (psychology edition) bring?

The directory is designed for use by GPs, meaning that critical information that can help make a referral decision is readily accessible. This includes the special interests of practitioners, their location, languages they speak and billing information. We have kept it in the same format as our specialist directory, with which GPs across WA are familiar. We believe it will particularly help patients with conditions for which it can be harder to find treatment such as borderline personality disorder or tinnitus.


What do I get as part of a listing?

We will print your details into the GPbook (psychology edition) directory. We’ll also show your profile within our online directory. Your listing will be featured in our directory for a full year.

How will GPs get access to the directory?

A copy of the psychology directory will be distributed to GP practices across WA for free. Over 1000 copies are distributed each year freely to GPs and psychiatrists. In addition, access to the online directory will be accessible freely by all GPs and healthcare providers.

When will the directory be available?

The directory will be printed in February 2020.

Can I list more than one location?

Yes. You can list all the locations that you as an individual practice from. This is included in the price of a listing. When completing the sign-up form and checkout process, simply tick the checkbox at the Additional Clinics section.

Where is GPbook made?

GPbook is published in Perth and our directories are printed locally. We are run by local Australian trained GPs who practice in Perth.